How to Contact Xbox Support or Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement Team

Hi there, Welcome to the Xbox Support Guides by Dannny0117, this page will give you the right links to contact Xbox Support and The Xbox Live Enforcement Team. As it seems that, many of you have problems getting to Official Xbox Support Live Chat I created this post to simplify and speed up the process so your problem can be fixed as soon as possible.

Here are the direct links to contact Xbox Customer Support Chat and Xbox Ambassadors Chat, remember Xbox Support CANT help you with enforcement actions, you can’t ask for a ban removal or the reason behind a ban to Xbox Support as they don’t have access to that information.

I want to remind you that improperly using the Xbox Customer Support, including telephone support, Xbox Ambassador Chat, Xbox Support Chat, and other support avenues can get your account suspended, so please do not post questions that break the rules of Xbox Live.

Here are the direct links to contact the Xbox Live Enforcement Team, just remember that unlike Xbox Support, the Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement Team (XBLPET) has no live chat or phone number, the only thing you can use to contact them is by submitting a case review if you’re eligible.

After submitting, an Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement agent will begin a thorough review of the enforcement action. This includes reviewing available data and re-examining evidence that contributed to the enforcement, taking into account any new details that you have provided. Xbox device bans are not eligible for Case Review.

Want to know why you were suspended or banned?

For abuse of the Xbox One Home Feature and Xbox 360 License Transfer also known as GAME SHARE check both links. Game share is not allowed and if you get banned no one can help you.


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