It is now possible to install UWP apps on Xbox One from a Windows 10 PC

Microsoft updated the Windows Store to Windows Insiders, bringing some UI tweaks and new designs for the app on devices running both Windows 10 PC and Mobile. But one interesting feature was not listed in the change-log released by Microsoft for the update. As can be seen from the image above, you can now install Windows 10 apps on Xbox One directly from a Windows 10 PC. Of course, this feature is not available for any app on the Windows Store, but only for those available for both PC and Xbox One. For example, you can now install Online TV for Windows Devices, Microsoft Photos, Maps, Camera, Skype Preview and other apps on your Xbox One by requesting it from your Windows 10 PC. This new feature is currently available for Windows Insiders on the Fast, Slow and Release Preview rings, but unfortunately, the update released to Windows 10 Mobile does not come with it. In order to be able to access this feature on Windows 10 PCs, be an Insider and update the Windows Store to its latest version.

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