How To Stream From Xbox One to OBS Without A Capture Card

how to stream without a capture

Hi there, Welcome to the Xbox Support Guides by Dannny0117, this page will give you the right links and all the steps to setup a professional looking stream.

Since I get asked a lot how do I stream to Mixer without a capture card, I decided to just make this page and help as many of you as I can, so lets get to it.

Step One: What You Need

Some would say that you just need OBS but that’s not true, you need a bunch of things to make it work, a good cpu, a fast network, good internet and lots of time to test and adjust the settings.

A Good Processor with Integrated Graphics.

It really doesn’t matter if you stream from a desktop or a laptop as long as the right chips are inside, not to sound like a fan boy but I will always recommend Intel based systems due to the fact that Intel includes the Intel® Quick Sync Video engine and that thing is amazing for streaming, so make sure that you have a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 or newer processor. For AMD users, get a similar CPU or APU with 4 Cores or more , I’m not sure what AMD calls those.

Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Internet

Now this is one of the most important parts of this entire setup, you cant use WiFi at all, you need a strong connection from your console to the PC and the internet, so plug a Gigabit compatible cable from your console to your router and another one from the PC to the router. If you cant use a cable… and you want to risk using WiFi… do so at your own risk. As for internet you need at least 6Mbps for upload.

A lot of Memory And Storage

Now this is kind of important since you need to have enough memory and space on your system to host everything, so id recommend at least 8 GB of RAM and 200 GB free on your hard drive, however the more te better, you could also try to do this with only 4 GB of RAM but… it might crash.

Fully Updated Windows and Streamlabs OBS

If you are not using Windows 10, you wont be able to follow this guide since parts of Windows 10 are required to continue, as for OBS the Streamlabs version is just way better in terms of features and how easy it is to use. Both are actually free so no reason to avoid the upgrade.

A Second Monitor and Microsoft Account

It doesn’t matter what monitor you use as long as it supports 720p, and you need to add a second account to your PC and Your Console, so get a free one over at and remember the login information for that account.

Press the little blue square buttons to move from one part of the guide to the other.

Step Two: Stream Setup

Alright for this part you are going to be installing programs to your computer so PLEASE only use the links I provide since those are the safe links that I use, so no virus or malware.

Installing OBS

Alright this is the easy part, all you need to do is use the links to download and install OBS, remember you need the newest version of Windows 10 to use this.

Adding the Second Account to Windows and Xbox

Ok Now lets add the second account to your computer and to the console, the purpose of this is so you can have a working party chat and you can decide who can talk on stream so you can avoid all the loudness of the Xbox Party.

For Windows:

Press the Start Menu, Type Settings and Open the Settings App, then Click Accounts, on the side of the Account Settings Page there is an option called Family and Other people, click that and then scroll down to Add someone else to this PC and click that, now just add the email and password you created.

For Xbox:

Press the Xbox Button on your controller and then scroll left to your profile picture, then Click Add New after that just add the email and password you created.

Setting Up the Xbox App

Alright now that you added the account to your console and Windows you need to login using that account on your PC, so now on your keyboard, press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time and the option to logout will show up, click that option and now login wit the new account.

Once your computer is done and you are in the desktop , its time to install the second Xbox App, so use the link in here and install the Xbox Beta App from the Microsoft Store

Connecting to the console

Once the Xbox App has been installed, Make sure the console is ON and connected to Xbox Live, then on your PC go to the Start button and type Xbox and select the Xbox (Beta), after it finishes login you in, click the 3 bars at the top, then click connection, at this point if everything is done correctly the console will show up, just click on connect and let it finish.

If you don’t see the console, you need to make sure that you are using a network cable or that you are in the same WiFI on both pc and console, then press the power button of the console until it turns off , unplug it from the power, press the power 4 times, plug it back and repeat the step.

Now that everything is done, this is where you need your second monitor so plug it in and drag the Xbox Beta Window to the second monitor and then click Stream.

If you notice that you have lag while the console is streaming, move your mouse on the second monitor and click stop streaming, then click the 3 buttons at the top, then select settings , click Xbox One, then change the quality from whatever you have to Medium or Low, if its already set to low and you still have lag, means your WiFi Router or PC can’t handle the stress.. #WhenYouTryYourBestButYouDon’tSucceed

Setup Streamlabs OBS

Alright so you now you have a working connection between your computer and your console, you also have the console video in your second monitor. Now its time to mix everything and get it ready to stream.

Now just in case you didn’t, install the Streamlabs OBS from this virus, and malware free link. ONLY FROM THIS LINK! DO NOT GOOGLE IT OR YOU MIGHT GET A VIRUS!

Once you install OBS, start it up and select Mixer or whatever service you want to stream on, for this guide I will only setup Mixer as the stream service, but the rest of the configuration will work for ALL Platforms.

Getting the Xbox Signal without a Capture Card

Alright so now you have a brand new OBS install with your Mixer streamer account, and you selected if you want Stream alerts and other overlays to your stream, but you don’t have the Xbox Window, do not worry we are adding that right now. On my setup I added the Alert List and Event List Widgets to the stream and hopefully you did too. But that is 100% optional.

So now look for the big sources area, if you added the same widgets I did you should see them there as well, now click the plus button, and select Display Capture and click Add Source.

Now name it Xbox Video and click Add New Source

Assuming you did everything right, you should have 2 options, one will show your main display with all your windows and stuff like that, the other one should have the Xbox video feed. Simply select the one that shows the console feed and click DONE

Now this is very important you need to drag and keep your Xbox Video source at the bottom of the list ALL THE TIME. So go to the sources area and drag the Xbox Video source to the bottom of the list. (Click and hold your mouse button and drag it down), after you do that, right click on Xbox Video, click Transform and select Fit to Screen


And that’s it, you can now click Go Live , Add your Title and the game you are going to Play and Click Confirm and Go Live


Adding The Xbox Live Party Chat Audio

So now you got a working Stream but unless you use a Mic connected to your PC the stream wont hear you, so lets add the party chat.

Just keep in mind that your Network settings can block you from getting this part to work, so if you cant have 2 different parties on your network due to your router, just use a Mic connected to the PC to talk to the stream.

Alright first of all if you are going to use Party chat, you need to lower the volume of the mic and mute it in OBS. So go to the Mixer option , find the mic and drag the slider down and press the mute button.

Now Go to the Start Button, Type Xbox and Open the Xbox App, not the Xbox (Beta) since that is running already, again finish the setup part and once you are at the main screen, press the Party Icon and click Start Party.

Now on your console, Press the Xbox Button, scroll to the left once to go to the People tab, click Find Someone and Search for the GamerTag of your new account, Add your new account as a Favorite Friend, and then click Join and then Join Party.

If your router supports it, you will join the party from the console and now you can talk to the stream, you will have to manually mute everyone that joins your party if you don’t want the stream to hear them, this is 100% up to you. If you want keep the party open, if not make it private.


Now just customize your stream in anyway you want, add overlays, graphics, intros, etc as long as you don’t change the Xbox Video source you will be able to stream to Mixer without a Capture Card but looking like a pro.

I hope I was able to help you out, and if you need help with anything else just check out my guides, I might have the answer for that too…
Please don’t forget to share this guide so more humans can stream like pros without a capture! And if you want please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to watch the GamePlay live streams or if you just want random content delivered to you. And if you want to stalk me (Please don’t it in real life, thank you) follow me on any of my social media, all the links are on the sidebar.


I have to say… this is not an easy setup and a few things can go wrong… however… each setup is unique and I cant really predict what could go wrong with yours, the most common problem will be the party chat audio, with Network Blocking issues, sadly if your router doesn’t support certain features such as same port usage for multiple devices, you wont be able to connect to party chat.
For any other issues, check out the #help-and-support text channel on the discord , maybe we can help you there.


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