How To Live Stream From Xbox One To YouTube Or Twitch

How To Live Stream From Xbox One To YouTube Or Twitch

Hello And Welcome To My Guides And Tutorials, On This Post You Are Going To Learn How To Use Your Xbox One And Stream Directly To YouTube, Twitch And Mixer At The Same Time, Without A Pc Or Complicated Settings.

If you ever wanted to stream from your console to YouTube , Twitch or other platforms this is the guide for you.

Is THIS Free? Do I need a PC?

Yes it is 100% free at the time of writing the guide (January 7 2019) but that could change in the future, so check for updates on this guide later on. And no you don’t need a PC to stream, you will need another device so you can read the chat on YouTube or Twitch.

What do I need?

An Xbox One, A Mixer Account Linked to your Microsoft Account, A an account on the service you want to stream to and a good web browser to setup everything, using a PC for te setup is recommended but you can also do it from mobile/tablet.

Step 1 – Setup the ReStream Service

Using your favorite web browser go to or click the button and login with your MIXER account, yes select Mixer

Authorize Aircast to use the services it asking for and that’s it.

Step 2 – Add the platforms you want to stream to

Now that you used your mixer account to login you are ready to add the services you want to stream to, like YouTube or Twitch. You can also use both so you can stream to YouTube, Twitch and Mixer at the same time.

Don’t worry this wont stress your internet or console at all , since te console will only stream to Mixer and the Aircast service will do the rest.

Now just click Stream Profile on the side or “Setup Your Stream Profile” button. After that click New, that will create some new items, don’t focus on anything else but the big ADD boxes and the Name, change the name to XboxSource and then click that big ADD box and Select YouTube or Twitch.

Now click add New Account and just login to the service you want, it could be Twitch or YouTube or both this is up to you, don’t forget to click authorize.

Sometimes when you add a new service the page will refresh and you might be sent back to the Dashboard (maybe it will get fixed) if that happens just click Stream Profile on the side and repeat the steps from the guide until you click on the service you want.

Step 3 – Confirming the settings and saving settings

Alright so you authorized Aircast on your platforms , now we need to make sure you add them to the profile, so click the Add Button and select the service, now instead of clicking ADD NEW, simply click on your channel name.

After you do that the page will change and the services will be shown with a big icon and your channel name at the bottom, now all you have to do is just click save profile at the bottom and you are set.

That’s It!

Now click the dashboard button on the sidebar and you will see that you are ready to stream!

So go to your console and start your Mixer stream as you normally do, give about 1 min and click the start streaming button on Aircast and you will be streaming to all the platforms you selected. So you will be live on Mixer and whatever you added to the Stream profile.

I hope I was able to help you out, and if you need help with anything else just check out my guides, I might have the answer for that too…

Please don’t forget to share this guide so more humans can begin streaming from Xbox One to youTube, Twitch and others! And if you want please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to watch the GamePlay live streams or if you just want random content delivered to you. And if you want to stalk me (Please don’t it in real life, thank you) follow me on any of my social media, all the links are on the sidebar.

Oh No! It Didn’t Work!

When things go potato… sometimes is better to ask… so you have a few options, try the guide again, read it slowly and follow everything again, if that fails you can always ask on #help-and-support on my Discord server, so join that and ask away.

Aircast also has a discord server and they try to help as much as they can so you can join that as well.

Disclaimer, all the information included within my guides was gather via my personal experiences with my own Xbox Consoles , Xbox Live Services and Aircast Services, Neither Microsoft or Aircast endorse or approve of any of my guides, if you want direct support from Microsoft , Xbox or Aircast please visit the Official Support or Microsoft Service Center.


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