How to Fix the Unable to Update Problem on Xbox One

Hello and Welcome to my Guides and Tutorials, on this post we are going to fix a new type of update problem with Xbox One, showing up as There was a problem with the update, You need this update to use your console, but something went wrong. With no useful information about the error.

If your console is showing the text There was a problem with the update, You need this update to use your console, but something went wrong. When you try to play a game, this is what you need to do to fix it.

So how WHY THIS happen?

To be honest I have no clue as why this happens but I do see a pattern of users with energy saving mode activated on their power options. That option doesn’t allow the system to update on its own and well you end up with that very useful Something went wrong screen. But there are also users that seem to have a corrupt OS. The real reason behind this problem is unknown to me.

How to fix the problem with Xbox One:

Fixing this problem is actually quite simple, just follow every step in this guide and everything will go back to normal.

Step 1 – Get that USB Drive Ready

Open Settings

If you have voice controls enabled simply say “Hey Cortana” or “Xbox” followed by “Go to Settings”.

If you don’t have voice controls simply Double Tap the Xbox Button on your controller to open the guide, Go down to the Settings area (gear icon) and Select All Settings.

Step 2 – Install any missing OS updates

Now that you are in the settings area simply look on the left side of the screen for something called System. Click that and then select Console Info & Updates.

Step 3 – Update the Console

Now all you have to do is click that big update button.

Keep in mind that downloading an update from Xbox Live could inflict charges on with your Internet provider so if you have a data plan or limited GBs per month keep an eye on the size of the update.

And also remember that the download speed of the update depends on your Internet connection and internet equipment (Wi-Fi, Router and/or Modem).

That’s It!

Now just wait for the console to finish the update process (it can take a while) and your console will be back to normal.

I hope I was able to help you out, and if you need help with anything else just check out my guides, I might have the answer for that too…

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Oh No! It Didn’t Work!

So the update didn’t work or you just don’t have the update option… well my friend I have bad news… you have a corrupt OS. But don’t panic… there are 2 ways of fixing that one by using the Reset Feature on Xbox One or the Offline Update/Factory Reset method.

To do a reset follow steps 1 and 2 and then click on Reset and select Reset and keep my games & apps

To do a factory reset that will bring the console to a brand new state, simply follow my guide.

If after trying everything in this guide you still can’t get the console to work then unfortunately, you will need to submit a request to have your device repaired. To submit a repair request, visit the Xbox Online Service Center

Alternately you can contact your local Xbox support team by phone to make the request, here are the Xbox support numbers and working hours, just select your country from the list

Disclaimer, all the information included within my guides was gather via my personal experiences with my own Xbox Consoles and Xbox Live Services, Microsoft does not endorse or approve of any of my guides, if you want direct support from Microsoft or Xbox please visit the Xbox Support site or Microsoft Service Center.


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