How to Fix an Xbox One Console with the Offline System Update Diagnostic Tool

Hello and Welcome to my Guides and Tutorials, on this post we are going to fix common update problems with Xbox One, including black screen, green screen, error code e200 and others.

If your console got stuck at the green loading screen, a black screen or a system error screen this is what you need to do to fix it.

So how does THIS happen?

This happens when the system was downloading an update and the internet connection went down for a very small second and the update gets corrupted. Why is it that the console is unable to detect a corrupted update? That is still a mystery to me. However, to prevent that I recommend that you avoid using WiFi to perform any sort of updates, use a network cable instead and the problems will be avoided.

How to fix the problem with Xbox One:

Fixing this problem is actually quite simple, just follow every step in this guide and everything will go back to normal.

Step 1 – Get that USB Drive Ready

Get a USB flash drive with at least USB flash drive with a minimum 4 GB of space and back up everything on the drive since it will be deleted.

Plug your USB flash drive into a USB port on your Windows PC, Open File Explorer and go to My PC or This PC, then Right-click your on your USB drive and from the pop-up menu, select Format, make sure File system is set to NTFS , select quick format and click Start.

Step 2 – Download the Offline Update or Factory Reset file.

Now that your USB Drive is ready, you need to decide what you want to do, you can just do a full factory reset and get the system up and running in just a few minutes. Or you can try to install the update manually, however sometimes the update won’t fix the problem and you will need to do a factory reset.

Once you have the file on your PC, right click the ZIP file and select Extract All from the pop-up menu. Now right click the $SystemUpdate folder, select Send to and pick your USB Drive n the console on.

Once that is done Unplug the USB flash drive from your computer.

Now unplug everything from the console, including the power cord.

Count to 40 and plug back the HDMI Out and power cables back and insert the USB drive into one of the USB ports on the console.

But don’t turn the console on.

Step 3 – Make the Console Boot from the USB Drive

Alright, with the USB in place and everything unplugged it’s time to do the tricky part…

You need to press and HOLD the BIND and EJECT buttons and then turn on the console. You might need someone to help you out with this part, so you can hold the BIND and EJECT buttons while someone else turns the console on.

Keep the BIND and EJECT buttons pressed until you hear 2 startup sounds, if you don’t hear 2 power up sounds or if you hear the turn off sound, then you are not doing it right… try again you got this!

You can release the BIND and EJECT buttons after the second power-up tone.

That’s It!

Now just wait for the console to finish the update process (it can take a while) and your console will be back to normal.

If you did a factory reset, then you have to add your account and download all your games and apps from the store or from your CD.

I hope I was able to help you out, and if you need help with anything else just check out my guides, I might have the answer for that too…

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Oh No! It Didn’t Work!

As I mentioned before, sometimes the Update file just wont do and you have to do a full factory reset. So try again with the factory reset file and see if it works.

If after trying both files you still can’t get the console to work then unfortunately, you will need to submit a request to have your device repaired. To submit a repair request, visit the Xbox Online Service Center

Alternately you can contact your local Xbox support team by phone to make the request, here are the Xbox support numbers and working hours, just select your country from the list

Disclaimer, all the information included within my guides was gather via my personal experiences with my own Xbox Consoles and Xbox Live Services, Microsoft does not endorse or approve of any of my guides, if you want direct support from Microsoft or Xbox please visit the Xbox Support site or Microsoft Service Center.


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