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About Me

I’m simply a random alien that looks like a very pale 6’1 teenage boy, I play video games, make apps, websites, graphics and other technology related things. I’m also part of the Xbox Ambassadors since I love helping out others.


I’m from Edmonton Canada but I live near Mexico City, My Birthday is January 2 so according to astrology I’m Capricorn and I’m 99 Years old.

Single or Taken

I’m Currently Broken Hearted and Single

Religion and Sexuality

Magic is in my veins and I identify as a Danny

Work Experience

I do a lot of things like Web and Graphic Design, App and Web Development, Music Production, Video Editing, Visual Animations, tech support, computer support, computer maintenance and repair, in short… I have many skills.

Business Enquiries

If you want to work with me to promote your brand, product or game on stream, a separate video or collaboration.

Freelance Services

If you need a website, graphics , animations, music, or any of my pro skills


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